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Zwierzyniec, 2 Plażowa St

Competition design: 

2023r. - II award


Magdalena Czekaj


Protection of nature and landscape of the Roztocze National Park as the primary design assumption. The concept is based on minimal interference with the natural environment of the Park and maximum use of the terrain for the sightseeing route.


The path adapts to existing trees, does not involve cutting them down, and highlights attractive viewpoints in the area. 

- The underground part of the route - a tunnel under a dune located, differently from the proposed competition guidelines, in an existing ravine and not in a ditch - recognition from the Competition Jury, appreciating the pro-ecological and energy-saving side of the concept. 

- Observation platform for the Polish horse farm - divided into two levels, connected by three levels of stands/seats, allowing for organizing presentations to groups of visitors without obstructing the view. 

- Treetop footbridge - a steel and wooden structure, the solutions of which allow you to connect sections of the bridge at any angle, enabling you to bypass the existing trees. 

- Recreational and educational tower - located at the end of the route, ending with a covered platform with an area of 140 m2, placed at a height of 24.5 m. The core of the tower - a reinforced concrete elevator shaft, is also a supporting structure. The tower is also a staircase allowing visitors to reach the ground level. 

- Observation tower on Polak Hill in Zwierzyniec: height approx. 45 m - the concept of the object as an iconic symbol of the region - a magnet attracting tourists. The shape of the object refers to a tree trunk carrying light branches, and the form of the upper terrace refers to the wings of a dragonfly or a maple seed - nature's superstructure. 

The entire complex is accessible to people in wheelchairs and for people walking with strollers.

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