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The owners of the company Łukasz Królikowski and Krzysztof Wichliński graduated from the department of Architecture and Urban Planning in 1995. Since then they unite the common passion for architecture. They gained professional experience in Poland, Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic while working in international corporations as well as in smaller architectural companies. The first, important success was 2003 SARP award for the project of industrial plant with office space for SEW Eurodrive. Besides the industrial buildings Archidea offers designs of specialist and laboratory buildings with full technical consultancy.

Archidea is an expert in public utility buildings designs. Królikowski & Wichliński are the authors and co-authors of a number of designs for University of Lodz, among others the Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of History, Faculty of Educational Sciences. While working on these projects the owners gained essential knowledge of public orders starting with tenders, cost estimation, choice of subcontractors and project management.

Recently Archidea increased the number of investment projects financed with EU funds and thus EU requirements and regulations are familiar for Królikowski & Wichliński. The designers are highly interested in ecology. They have managed to apply bold energy saving solutions thanks to the EU co-funding.
The company offers full service design and investment services starting with preparatory works, cost simulation and receiving all the necessary construction permits and agreements. Archidea assists with organizing tenders for contractors and engineering supervision. The designers working for Archidea follow the latest architecture trends and combine the knowledge with individual approach. We encourage to visit the sites presenting our achievements.

The cooperation with Archidea Królikowski&Wichliński gives you the sense of security that the investment will be carried with dispatch and the final effect will meet the expectations, which is confirmed by references of satisfied investors.